Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 balls + 4 t-shirts = halloween genius!

Thank you Pinterest, for the world's greatest Halloween costume idea.

Thank you organized craft room,  for letting me find a long enough piece of pink felt.

Thank you, for existing. (Have you ever tried to find a beach ball outside of the state of Florida in October?)

Thank you husband, for being man enough to be called "a giant boob" and letting other dudes fondle you all night.

Thank you said fondling dudes, for being aware enough to know what the pink ribbon stands for and thinking it was "pretty cool of you to put that on your costume" before going back to your jokes about motorboating.

Thank you Christy and Dave, for having a Halloween party. Apologies for our giant boobs knocking both plates and people to the ground throughout the evening. It was Don's fault - he doesn't know how to handle his boob.

Thank you Mom Jones, Karin, my Conyers, Lisa and all the other warrior women who remind us what strength and beauty really mean. Love the ta-tas!


  1. Oh my - this is hilarious!! Great costume!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You guys look FABU!

  3. FABULOUS!!! Love it. Takes a TRUE MAN to dress like that for Halloween. Hat's off to Don. Miss you both look great!

  4. Truly amazing. My fiancee's mother is a survivor and I showed her this. She absolutely loved it. Thank you for showing your support!

  5. i'm not crafty at all! how can i make this?

    1. It is SUPER easy - you can totally do it!

      We bought 2 large beach balls, 2 XXL "skin tone" (tan) tshirts and 2 XXL red tshirts (any bright color will work). Just cut the red tshirts at a diagonal from one shoulder to the opposite waist, then do it in "reverse" on the other shirt. Then just put on the tan shirt, shove the beach ball in, put on the red shirt, and adjust! We just used rubber bands to hold all the extra tshirt material at the bottom of the shirts. Super easy and super cheap!