Monday, January 30, 2012

Make a Change Monday - don't be afraid to ask for what you want

As pretty much every much crafter knows, CHA is being held this weekend. It is an amazing opportunity to get together and share ideas, products and inspiration with others in the industry and I LOVE coming here. However - I came to a realization about myself this weekend that I think applies to a lot of women. I am afraid to ask for what I want.

While I could probably write 700 blog posts about how this affects my personal life, this weekend I discovered how much it affects my professional life. Part of my job at Xyron is to build partnerships with other manufacturing companies - whether it is cross promoting through videos, supplying product for HSN, coordinating make and takes, or making sure our design team has the latest and greatest, I work with other companies to make it happen. I LOVE this part of my work - and have made some amazing friendships because of it. As I have been thinking about you guys this weekend - my followers on this blog and my FB page friends - I wanted to make sure I came home with some fun new products to use as giveaways. Before I came to work at Xyron I remember what it was like to see all the photos of CHA and wish I could be there, and I wanted to bring a little of that home for you. HOWEVER - yesterday as I was walking the show floor I realized I was AFRAID to ask anyone for anything. Now you are talking to a woman who works for a company that has given away THOUSANDS of dollars worth of adhesive to other companies for this show, yet I would walk up to a booth where we donated runners and Xs and refills and I couldn't seem to say "Hey - I'd love to take a pack of your new rubons home with me for a giveaway". Couldn't do it. I also could not walk up to Theresa Collins (who is working on an AMAZING partnership with Xyron and who I ACTUALLY know) and say "could I get a photo of us together?" - it just wasn't me. Until last night.

On the shuttle back to the hotel I was having a conversation with Jenn Mason from Cloth Paper Scissors and some of my Xyron peeps, and a woman sitting in front of us suddenly turned around and said "Can I have your card?" and started telling us her story.  Turns out her products are a perfect match for a partnership with Xyron so we are going to stop by her booth tomorrow, but I was SO impressed with this cool chick (whose name I didn't catch) who saw a chance to interact with some established companies, and was proud/motivated/confident enough in herself and her product that she jumped in with both feet. First time exhibitor, new business woman, she knew what she wanted and asked for it. Can I have your card? Will you come by our booth? She inspired me to just take a deep breath and ask - and today was a whole different story. So I am coming home with a bag full of goodies, some new partnership ideas, and the kick in the pants I needed to not be afraid to ask for what I want. Yay me - and lucky you! Stay tuned this week and next for some AMAZING giveaway goodies!


  1. Woohoo! Proud of you! The worst they can do is say no. And most people will say yes or something close to maybe later.

  2. centralnyscrapper (Brenda L)January 31, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    I've seen your demos on HSN and am a little surprised, but then I think about the trade shows I've had to attend (nothing as fun as CHA I'm sure) and I have to admit the same thing. Even if I just wanted information, no swag, or items to give to co-workers. So I say next year invite me and I'll go to booths with you for encouragement. :-) Seriously, I'm glad you had that encounter on the shuttle and have a new-found sense of confidence!

  3. Way to go Beth.I too would find it hard to approach those booths.So proud of you!