Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

What a wonderful surprise to get a note from my friend Sharon Callis that she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award last week!  Sharon is an incredibly talented woman who was selected as Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine's Cardmaker of the Year. The dimensional cards she creates are out of this world!

Now - let me be upfront and say that I have never participated in anything like this before...but I am so tickled she thought of me and I am always up for celebrating the creativity of others - so let's do this thing!


15 bloggers I admire/stalk/am proud to call friend/am inspired by:

Jessica Barnett - Jessica is my long-time partner in crime on our Xyron video series - love that girl!

Stephanie Howell - Stephanie and I have never met, but she is some sort of weird spirit guide who seems to share my brain.  Not only is she super crafty, but we are both Ranger wives - and that is a very special (and sometimes scary) sisterhood to be in.


Tammy Caudell - is a member of the Xyron Design Team and quite possibly one of the nicest people on the planet.


Melissa Frances - I have said about 1000 times that I am obsessed with MF - this is 1001.


Karin Aguirre - Karin and I met on the set of the now infamous Xyron infommercial and became instant friends - until I discovered that she is on the Melissa Frances DT.  Now I just stalk her out of jealousy!  :)


Happy Home Fairy - I don't know who this chick is, but I want to move next door to her immediately and have her adopt me.  Her kids craft projects make me so happy!

Happy home

Ann Corbiere-Scott - is also a member of the Xyron DT, and when the two of us get together you better just step back, because we are going to have a creativity explosion and you won't get a word in edgewise!


Julie Thigpen - The upside of moving every few years is that with each new address you get a blank canvas with which to create a home.  The downside is that you can't do anything too "permanent" because you know you won't be there forever (especially if you are renting)!  Julie's blog lets me dream of my forever home where I can do anything my heart desires.


Better After - One of my great obsessions is renovating furniture.  Don and I have a dream of owning a store when we retire - he will build/renovate furniture in the back and we will have an artist co-op in the front where all of my crafty friends can peddle their wares.  This blog keeps my dream alive with their incredible before and after photos and ideas!


Christina Klauer - another member of the Xyron DT who inspires me not only with her talent, but with her strength in the midst of difficulties.  Amazing.


Megan Klauer - Christina's sister.  I mean seriously.  Is it fair that one family has SO much talent?  ;)  I have gotten away from doing 12x12 scrapbook pages (I do Everyday Stories divided page protectors) but Megan keeps sucking me back in with her beautiful pages.


Maya Road - whenever I need inspiration my first stop is the MR blog.  Their products are amazing, their story is fantastic, and they have brought my creativity to a whole new level.  They actually have three blogs - the DT blog, the company blog and Caroline Lau's blog.  Caroline is one of the owners of MR and I am proud to call her friend.  What originally started as a "behind the scenes" blog has recently turned in to a love letter to her father and her family as they all gather around him in his last days.  I encourage everyone to read her posts, and hope every family can face something like this with the love and dignity and peace and togetherness that Caroline and her family have shown us all.


Wendy Morris - I have known Wendy for...holy crap...going on 10 years almost! We were friends before blogs even existed I think - so I am grateful to have this way of still being inspired by her creativity even though we haven't seen each other "IRL" since I left the South (FYI - I don't consider Fayetteville the South).


Cathe Holden - I am a relatively new follower of hers - and love everything she does.  She has great freebies, shares wonderful personal stories, and can re-purpose stuff like nobody's business!


Sweet Paul - the only dude (that I know of) in my line up.  I keep telling myself I am going to subscribe to his magazine, because I LOVE his blog.  He combines food and craftiness - and we all know how I feel about both of those things!


And now - to round out the VBA requirements - seven things about me!  Enjoy!

I am OBSESSED with The Melting Pot.  Every time I go home I make my parents take me, and Don and I once drove over an hour to one because that is where I wanted to go for my birthday.  There is one less than five minutes away from Xyron, but no one will ever go with me.  I think it is a conspiracy.

I do not drink coffee.  Never have.  I am a tea girl all the way.  UNLESS - I need it to...ummm...poop.  There - I said it.  Am I the last person in the world to know that coffee makes you poop?  Apparently so.

Don and I have moved 8 times in 11 years - Hawaii, Savannah, Virginia (for three months.  THREE!), Columbus GA, Alaska, back to Columbus, Fayetteville NC - and we are moving to Kansas this summer.

I must have been an old man in my past life - because other than wine, the only other alcoholic beverages I drink are vodka gimlets and bloody marys.  I even have this bloody mary mix shipped to our house by the case. Is that wrong?

I am the only one of my HSN friends who watches herself (or himself) obsessively - at least the only one who admits it.  I record it on my DVR at home, and the first thing I do when I get back from Tampa is plop down in front of the TV and watch each airing at least twice, sometimes three times.  Then when Don gets home I make him watch it, and THEN I will delete it. There is one thing I do that drives me CRAZY (and no - I'm not telling you what it is, because then you will notice it even more than I already think you do) and I will obsess about it for DAYS after watching the videos, and then by the next time I get to HSN I have forgotten all about it.  I have been repeating this process (and continuing to do the annoying thing) for almost three years.  Therapy anyone?

We have two of the biggest dogs in America.  Beckett - our bloodhound/mastiff/lab mix:


and Bizzy - our six month old mastidane who is already as tall as Beckett - Heaven help us!


I watch Miami Vice reruns every morning (they are on Centric at 8am Eastern).  If I am not home I record them and have been known to sit in front of the tv with my computer for hours on end, "working" and watching Miami Vice at the same time.  In fact - that is what I'm doing right now!


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