Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Introducing New Xyron DT members Viki Tiamat and Shannon Morgan

We are tickled to welcome our newest members of the Xyron Design Team - all this week we will be sharing their stories and a few of the projects that made them "must have" additions to the team!

My name is Shannon Morgan...I am a Great Lakes Nerdgirl, happily stuck in the South (well for the most part anyways, definitely not during what I fondly refer to as Hades in summer). I am always looking for inspiration in music, in color, in everyday moments. I am Pinterest addicted, coffee devoted, cartoon obsessed and a self proclaimed scrappy supply hoarder. I am a wife, Mommagirl, daughter and friend. You'll find Patrick, Mackenzie, Cinna and Meg (the four legged rescues) all over my scrapbook pages and projects...all over like unicorns vomiting rainbows and glitter. I have a super supportive husband, Karl...he's accepted with humor and patience the fact that I need to photograph a cup of Starbucks for Instagram or stop to pose the children and/or dogs in front of a rustic looking sign. My Momma is my biggest fan and my friends are the best ever...(I know everyone says that, but mine are awesome). I began scrapbooking when Patrick was born, making small things for family members...and haven't stopped since. I am hoping to inspire you this year and encourage you to try new things that you may not feel confident in. I am so honored to be a part of this team! If for some odd reason you should find me not scrapbooking or pinning, I am probably reading, doing laundry, wiping down the counters for the umpteenth time or attempting to exercise so I can bake things.

We love Shannon's use of color, varying textures and patterns, and the mixed media feel of her layouts and cards. She also shares a sketch every Sunday on her blog - sure to get you inspired!

Shalom,my name is Viki Tiamat. I'm a 31 year old Israeli fashion and graphic designer who combines the passion for handmade with being a full time stay at home Mom to two gorgeous princesses -Sierra 5yrs and Sheluv 2yrs.

I'm a self learner and try to learn new things everyday. Years back, I taught myself how to make cardboard furniture and made an entire nursery for Sierra using recycled cardboard boxes. I LOVE giving to old things a new life, so most of the  accessories I design are made from leftover fabric scraps and up-cycled and reclaimed  jewelry pieces I find at flea markets around the world .

Years ago while browsing the web I stumbled upon the art of screen-printing. Immediately deciding to study the craft I sought out tutorials and advice from some great people I meet online...and after some trial and error  and  with the help of my talented husband, I built a whole little screen-printing studio where I lovingly print my own designs on everything from my fashion to fabric and surface designs. Over the past year I've expanded my horizons and tried felting, bead embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery, and am now incorporating all these beautiful media into my creations!

Viki's love of upcycling and her totally outside the box approach to crafting made us giddy with anticipation about what she will create with Xyron in her hands!  Head over to her blog for more of her gorgeous creations!


  1. I LOVE your butterfly hanging thing. Do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to make one!

  2. PS> I found your butterfly info on your blog! I am going to give it the old collegte try! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Great items ladies! Looking forward to seeing your items. These are great looking projects!

  4. Hey to all you lovely crafters ,this is Viki here :)
    I'm very proud to take part of Xyron's great DT and hope to bring lots of new ideas and inspiration to the plate

    @macmomma -Thank you ,dear ! I would love to see the results of your good old try-I sure it will be AWESOME

    Going to my craft room now to finish a Bunny costume I'm sewing for Sierra for our Israeli Halloween :)
    See'ya soon

  5. Wow, what fabulous projects! Looking forward to working with both of you on this great team!