Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neighborhood Craft Night - Paper Wreaths

Handmade wreaths are ALL the rage these days - type the word wreath in to Pinterest and you will get hundreds of fabulous ideas at the push of a button!  With Spring on its way (allegedly - it is supposed to snow here on Thursday) I wanted to create something bright and cheery we could all hang on our front doors.

all photos courtesy of Busy Bee Photography

floral foam wreath (we used 9")
several sheets of coordinating patterned paper
Xyron machine (5" or 9" Creative Station or Creatopia)
liquid glue**
assorted embellishments - buttons, flowers, etc

Cut your patterned paper in to 1 1/2" x 12" strips.  I used 25 strips total on mine - some used a few more, some a few less - depending on how closely together you set the strips.  Do not ask Bizzy to help.

Run all of the strips through your Xyron machine.

Take the first strip and loosely loop it around the foam wreath.  Line up the ends and press them together FIRST before pressing the rest of the strip to itself.  The adhesive will hold the strip to the loop.

Repeat with remaining strips, slightly overlapping each strip at the base (the part that touches the wreath).  Once the wreath is completely covered, trim the edges of each strip at a "V" - aka banner cut, fishtail, dovetail, notch, etc.

Decorate with embellishments as desired.

For a quick tutorial on how to create the rosettes used on this wreath check out the video below!

**Note - if you are going to hang this on your porch or have high humidity - keep some liquid glue handy. About a week after I made this a few of the strips popped "open" because of the humidity - so I just put a drop of liquid glue on the ends of those strips and it was a perfect fix!


  1. Very Nice looking. Bizzy loves her Mama! Mrs. Kingston's Neighbor is a fun place to live. Will you miss this strange Kansas weather? I think you are moving to a raining area next!

  2. I just bought the zyron machine at our local craft show and it is the greates. I am going to put it to work making this wreath. Great idea...

  3. Love the wreath!! Thanks for the pics and tutorial. I have 2 cats who usually fight for room on my craft desk as I am trying to make things-must be the "Mama Love" at work!!

  4. I love this idea. With all the paper I have - I could make wreaths for the whole neighborhood:) Thanks for sharing this wonderful project!!

  5. I made a Christmas version of this with my daughter's 5th grade class and with Girl Scouts. the floral foam was too expensive so we rolled up 3 full sheets of newspaper on the diagonal, twisted it and then taped the "tails" and then taped the two ends together to make a circle. It worked great!

  6. Just darling! Fell in love with it just from the fb post. I am a newbie crafter so this is right up my alley! Thanks Beth

    1. Thanks Kathrine - and welcome to your new "addiction"! :)

  7. Awesome wreath! My little shihtzu boy lays by my craft table while I craft away! I think I will make one for my mother in law for mother's day!

  8. GREAT project, Beth!! I wish I lived in your neighborhood!!

  9. Beth I LOVE this! And so easily recreated for ANY holiday or occasion!! Love the bright colors chosen!!

  10. I've got everything I need to give this a try-except for the handsome big dog to give me kisses!

  11. Love the wreath and all the different patterned paper.

  12. Just what I need to make to kick the winter blues. Way to cold for me this year in Minnesota!
    I am going to make it tonight!!!
    Thanks for the pictures and tutorials, always helpful

  13. Replies
    1. Hey Jeannie! I just hang a tiny nail and then press the wreath right on to the nail. Since it is made of styrofoam I can literally just push it right on! You could also string some fishing wire and hang it that way. Hope that helps!

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  16. I am silvia. I live in Spain (Valencia). I like your work.
    I'll use the idea of your crown
    I'll make a Christmas wreath for my home. Once it is finished I'll show the result.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  17. I love this! Could you use a thin layer of Mod Podge in place of the Xyron?

    1. you could! it would just take a while to dry. you might be better off just using double sided tape?