Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wishblade wackiness...easy does it!

Let me start off by saying that I am one of the most technologically challenged people on the planet.  You know you are on a downward slide to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder when your friend's EIGHT YEAR OLD SON comes over to play Wii and ends up giving you a tutorial on how to get your Blackberry to only blink when you've got a message instead of the constant flashing that has been giving you seizures and making you question your sanity for the past eight months.  But I digress.

I've had a Wishblade for a LONG time and was always too scared to use it - save for a few titles cut here and there.  I just KNEW it had all of these amazing capabilities but I was too chicken/dumb/lazy to try to figure them out on my own - and GOD FORBID I read the manual or the online tutorials.  Puhleeze.  Then someone at Xyron had the GENIUS idea to create a series of Wishblade videos for those of us who need to have it spelled out for us in full living color.  Hallelujiah!  Hosted by the fabulous Sandy Clements, these videos, ten in all, literally walk you step-by-step through this awesome machine - everything from getting your Wishblade set up  to importing files to welding words and much, much more!

Once these videos came out I became a Wishblade nut - just cutting the crap out of every piece of paper I could find, and terrorizing the Wishblade Tech Support Team, who are unfortunate enough to be on my skype list and therefore unable to escape me and my excitement at the smallest accomplishment.  And lo and behold - I've actually MADE SOME STUFF!!!

(I know the photos aren't great...I DESPERATELY need some photography classes for Christmas, but someone will have to tell my husband because I'm not going out on a limb to say that his eyes will never set foot on this blog)

This is a fun baby shower gift bag I made for my girlfriend last weekend - chipboard and sticker from some old school Bazzill, then I shellacked the shizzle out of the letters with Mod Podge .  Ran the ribbon through my 150 (put some cute buttons at each end so the sides of the bag are cute too) - and voila!

The grand finale came last night when,in a panic to make my house look more "home-y" before my Xyron buddies get here this weekend, I created some wall art for our living room!  And it was SO DANG EASY!

The vinyl cut like butter, and with a little transfer tape this sucker (about 9" high and 36" across) went on like a dream.  Similar wall art goes for $30+ a pop, and you are usually stuck with whatever phrase they have available, in whatever color and size.  I was able to use the exact quote I wanted, in the perfect color for our living room and exactly the size I needed to fill the space!  How awesome is that!

So to Sandy and Tami and Chris and Julie and all my other Xyron/Wishblade peeps - thanks for holding my hand and putting up with my have created a monster!

And to all my friends and relatives getting married, having kids, moving to a new house, having a birthday (you get the idea)...prepare to be wall worded.  :)


  1. You are a Wishblading Genius!! Teaching any classes soon? ;-)

  2. woo Hoo! You're giving me hope, i too am scared, one of these days i'll be brave.

  3. I really like your wallart. Haven't figured out exactly where it is in your living room--but it's great. Might have to put some on my "wish list" for our house

  4. Have Don get you a plane ticket to the Oregon Coast - I'll give you a private photography workshop!! :) He can come too - Josh and my BIL are all into shooting things lately. lol