Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to make a diaper cake!

I've always known my buddy Jessica Barnett was a crafty genius - but when she created this set of EASY instructions for making a diaper cake (which are the latest craze for those of us who feel like we are going to 69 baby showers a weekend) I loved her even more!  These cakes easily go for $50 or more - now you can make one for a fraction of the cost AND be the hit of the next baby shower!

Diaper cake 2 edited

Xyron 1.5" create-a-sticker or 2.5" create-a-sticker (depending on the width of the ribbon)
1 box of newborn diapers (approx. 60 diapers)
65-70 rubber bands
5-6 yards of solid (not see-through) ribbon
Cardboard circle or cake base
Glue Dots
Pencil Sharpener
Assorted flowers
Assorted Buttons

1.  Begin by rolling all the diapers into little diaper burritos.  Start with the open end and roll so that any color and rough edges are hidden.  Secure the rolled diapers with rubber bands around the centers.

2.  Gather a handful of 7 diapers and secure them together in a circle shape using a rubber band.  Add more diapers inside the band to make the base of the cake, using a total of 35 diapers.  You should have a neat circle when finished and as much of the decoration and color on the diapers that can be hidden should be.

3.  Make two more layers like the first.  The second layer will use 19 diapers and the top layer will use 7.

4.  Stack the layers together on top of the cake base.  To keep the cake from falling over, trim the dowel to less than the height of the cake, sharpen one end in a pencil sharpener, then carefully run the dowel down through all the layers and use a hammer to drive it slightly into the base.

5.  Measure a piece of ribbon for wrapping around the base tier and trim to length.  Repeat for each layer.  Run the ribbon through your Xyron machine and  attach around each tier.

6.  Tie three bows out of the ribbon and attach them over the seams using Glue Dots.

7.  Use Glue Dots to attach flowers and buttons to the cake sides, and more flowers to the cake top.


  1. This is just too stinkin cute!

  2. Thankya Ma'am! It's the new gift I'm giving to any pregnant lady I know :)

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  4. You gave me a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing the detailed steps to making one. I'll be making a Disney themed diaper cake! ^_^