Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to avoid Paypal fees

This was passed along to me by my friend Tammy. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it works - if you have good luck with it please post and let us know!

If you send payment to someone and choose the "Personal" tab (next to the "Purchase" tab) on the Send Money page, there will be NO fee to either sender or recipient!  After punching all the info you will see on the next page that you have been charged NO fee!

The only thing you'll need to remember is that doing it this was does NOT give the recipient your address, so you have to remember to include it in your message to them.  So if you do a lot of buying/selling on ebay, spread the words to your customers!  Every little bit helps these days!


  1. Can confirm if you do this to avoid the paypal fees on an international payment the person sending money only gets charged $5 (it was a large transaction) and then you don't get charged a fee for receiving it. However, you will loose out on the conversion rate as Paypal are a little greedy on that front and have their backs covered.