Sunday, October 25, 2009

Workin' with Wishblade

I am not a computer genius.  Shocking - I know.  But even this technologically stunted crafter can use the Wishblade - and I LOVE it!!!  Every time I create something I am amazed at what it can do and how easy it is to use. Case in point - these notecards I created for an FRG fundraiser.

To begin, I open my Wishblade file that has the crest divided in to individual parts (thanks Sandy Clements for putting this file together for me!)

Now of course I could cut just one, but to create cards (and this is where I start LOVING IT even more) I can just copy each individual piece over and over and over again and cut them all out from the same piece of paper like I did here with the green heart portion:

To save even MORE time, before I begin cutting I run my cardstock through my Creatopia (you can also use your Xyron 900).  What does that do?  It turns all of these small pieces in to STICKERS!!  So no matter how small or intricate your die cut - you don't have to worry about getting adhesive on the back.  It is already done for you!  I cut all of my pieces and then head on over to my scrap table to start assembling the cards.

Each card comes together like a dream!!  Now that each piece is a sticker I am literally just putting together a puzzle on piece at a time.  I layer each piece, not having to worry about waiting for glue to dry or the edges not sticking, and since I have everything laid out in front of me in sheets I'm also not trying to pick up little tiny pieces that have fallen on the floor!

Add a little ribbon for a finishing touch - and voila!

The Wishblade allowed me to create this one-of-a-kind card set (10 cards) in less than an hour from start to finish.  Imagine what you could create for your school, church, social group, business - especially with the holidays coming!  Get crafting my friends!

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