Sunday, February 27, 2011 = endless creativity!

My mother-in-law is working on a project for my Dad's birthday next week.  I'm not afraid to tell you this because my Dad doesn't even know what a blog is - much less how to find mine - so the secret is safe with us.  :)  ANYHOO - she is creating it on this FABULOUS website and as soon as she pulled it up on her computer I knew it would offer papercrafters and digital artists a fun way to express themselves.  So I give to you!

By its own definition, wordle is a toy that allows you to create "word clouds".  But it does so much more than that!  Imagine creating your own background paper, creative text for cards - you can use it digitally or print it out on cardstock for a variety of uses (please read their terms of use so we don't break any rules) - the possibilities are endless!

Because I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, my MIL gave me a set of instructions for not only printing out the text but adding photos right on to the image.  Thanks Marianne - enjoy everybody!


Put a list of words in a word processing document (like Microsoft Word).  The more times a word appears the bigger the font in the final outcome. To get two words to stay next to each other (for example, great husband) use the "~" charcter instead of a space between the words (great~husband). 

Go to and click on CREATE.

Paste your list of words into the box and select GO.

Play around with the colors, fonts, word arrangement until you get what you want. Then do a print screen and paste it into an image editing program (like power point).  Edit out the headers and stuff you don't want and then do what you want with the page, like add photos or graphics.  

Set printing to size you want and print. 

Have fun!

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