Monday, April 2, 2012

Make a Change Monday - a New Holiday Tradition

I spent a good part of last December (well - ok - every December) obsessing about Christmas cards. Handmade or store-bought?  Intricate or simple?  Mass produced or individually created? I wrote about an article from Dear Abby on this very topic, then justified not getting them finished by making some New Year's cards instead, and then just putzed out altogether...and felt guilty about it the whole time.  We can talk about my weirdness at a later date.

This past weekend I went away for a much needed scrapbooking retreat and in my "projects to work on" pile was the list of people who didn't get a Christmas or New Year's card. I was ignoring it - and feeling guilty, when I came across this image on the Canvas Corp blog:

I had just been working on some MnTs using crepe paper and finger folding, so had all the supplies I needed with me and thought "what the heck - why not make some Easter cards"?

You know what? I actually ENJOYED it. I loved working with the spring colors and new papers and fun techniques.  I loved being able to work on 30 cards instead of 300.  I loved being able to finish the whole thing in an hour or two instead of setting aside an entire day or weekend to plow through my list.  I loved that it reminded me of WHY I enjoy paper crafts and surprising someone I care about with something hand made. It got my creative juices flowing, got the cards off my to-do list, and gave me an idea for a new holiday tradition.

Instead of scrambling to make hundreds of Christmas cards during an already jam-packed season, I am going to make and send cards during different holidays throughout the year.  No minimums, no time line, no pressure - I'll do it when I have time and when I am inspired.  People "expect" cards around Christmas - but what a wonderful surprise to get an unexpected card for Easter, or 4th of July, or Halloween! I can make 2 per holiday or I can make 20, and this will also give me the time to personalize each card instead of just signing my name because I am in a hurry to "get it done".  I am SO EXCITED about this - and can't wait to spread the word to my other card making friends. Wouldn't you love to know that people are thinking about you throughout the year?

So to the 24 people on my Christmas list who thought I forgot about you, look for this little spot of springtime in the mail this week.  The rest of never know when a card full of love will arrive from the Kingstons!


(products used: WRMK Cotton Tail collection - Thicket and Bunny Tail patterned papers, Bazzill Basics Dotted Swiss cardstock, Xyron 510, 250 and Mega Runner, Silhouette Cameo, crepe paper, scrap paper, Gelly Roll clear pen, May Arts ribbon, tag, joy stamp)

Happy Easter to all!


  1. Brilliant! No pressure! Easy, peasy!

  2. Beth- Really cute cards. I am going to start my Christmas cards soon. I am going to try to make 2 or 3 every week & when Christmas rolls around I will be card ready & have less pressure to get them done & in the mail. Any time could be Christmas card time. I enjoy all my Xyron items. I have more of them coming in the mail from HSN. I enjoy seeing your presentations on there.

  3. I always make my cards ahead of time and then see blogs/websites with really cute ideas and then i wish I hadn't made all my cards already. It's happened for Easter already this year!!!

  4. I know a man who sends a homemade card to one person on his "friend" list every week.By the end of the year-everyone has received a special card.I was going to do that this year-I am about 11 weeks behind!

  5. I love the idea of sending random cards to friends. I have tons of "just thinking of you" cards that sit in my craft room. Time to break out some stamps!!!

  6. Cute cards. I make cards each month for the nieces and nephews and send as they love getting mail. However, I start my Xmas cards in July and complete 5 or 6 every week.

  7. What a brilliant idea and lovely card too!!!

  8. Can someone send me instructions for these self-made things?

  9. Your cards are beautiful.I want a machine so bad.I'm out of work soits out of the question.