Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make a Change Monday - Take a Photography Class

(and yes - I realize it is Tuesday...the East Coast hated air travelers this weekend.  But I digress!)

I spent last weekend at Crop & Create in Moncton, BC. It is an amazing event put on by Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine and is FILLED with incredibly talented, creative women.  In what is becoming a popular practice at consumer shows - they offered a photography class.  I took it - and I have five words for you.
Unless you are already one of those people who could be (or is) a professional photographer, find yourself a class and take it.  Online, at a community college, at a scrapbooking event - there are so many options out there these days - and just an hour or two of instruction will make you look at your photography in a whole new light.  My instructor was Kathy Thompson, who considers herself a hobbyist but is SUCH a skilled photographer and better yet - an AMAZING teacher.  In less than two hours she walked a room full of students through:
the basics of our cameras
a few simple steps to take better photos
how to get the "fuzzy background"
Fuzzy background
using natural light to enhance your pictures
Natural light
doing "studio" shoots in your garage
Studio shot
taking interesting group shots
Group shot
getting "action" shots
and most importantly - taking pictures that tell a story.
Tell a story
Are my photos 1000 times better after one photography class?  No.  But I will practice what Kathy taught and they WILL get better.  I will be inspired by the 25 other women who took the class because they want to preserve their families' memories.  I will look at things and people and places with fresh eyes. I will seek out more classes and gain more knowledge and I will grow as a photographer, and it will CHANGE the way I tell my story.  I hope you will join me!
**All photos copyright Kathy Thompson**

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