Monday, May 14, 2012

Make a Change Monday - "Flash" Mob

This is a blog post about taking pictures. As part of a group. Get it? Flash? Mob? I really crack myself up sometimes. :)

Tomorrow - May 15th - one man is hoping to capture a day in the life of the world. Jeppe Wikstrom has created - a global photo project that he hopes will provide "a record of our common humanity and of the details of everyday life that photojournalism doesn't always capture". Wikstrom organized a similar project in his homeland of Sweden in 2003, and he has attracted an incredible variety of newsmakers for this year's event - including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Virgin owner Richard Branson, astronauts on the International Space Station, scientists in Antartica and climbers on Mount Everest.

While I don't claim to be among that group of fascinating people - I think every single one of us has something important to offer this project. Take a moment tomorrow and capture where you work, how you live, who you love, anything that inspires you - and share it on Will this change the world? Of course not. But it might change the way future generations view their history - and you never know what a difference that might make.

Funnily enough - part of Wikstrom's interest in doing this project came a few months back when he was looking for stock photos of Paris for a project. Instead - he got thousands and thousands of photos of Paris Hilton. "It's an indication of our time" he said. "We don't want to send just Paris Hilton to the future." Amen brother. Amen. Let's show the future what real reality means in the hearts and minds and eyes of every day people.

I hope you'll join me!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan!! :) Thanks for giving us a heads-up about it!