Monday, January 7, 2013

Crafty in Kansas City - First Friday at West Bottoms

One of the great things about moving so often (thanks Army) is that Don and I never run out of places to explore. Imagine my absolute joy this weekend when we discovered a monthly shopping bonanza that celebrates handcrafts and artisans of every kind. If you live anywhere near the Kansas City area you MUST check out First Fridays in West Bottoms. First Fridays is a community of antique/reclaimed/artisan shops that are only open one weekend a month in the West Bottoms District in Kansas City.

I scored a HUGE collection of handcrafted Christmas items (all 50% off - woohoo!), some hand-dyed ribbon, and I love owls - so this little wooden Valentine called my name. We found an INCREDIBLE table made out of one giant slab of wood (but did not buy it - because it was over 12 feet long. Did I mention it is one piece of wood? And we are curently living in an apartment?) and Don, who is a military collectibles buff, has his eye on a French "support the troops" poster from WWII. I have a feeling if it is still there when we go back next month it will come home with us!

We all know how important it is to support local businesses, and crafters more than most understand the importance of supporting artisans who pour their heart and soul in to their creations. You will find those people here - and probably bring home a few treasures in the process. Just stay away from the french poster and we'll all be fine! :)

(photos above by me - photos below from Pinterest)


PS - if you love food like the Kingstons love food, after you are done in West Bottoms hop in the car for a short drive to the Kansas City River Market.  This community is an international celebration of all things food.  Not only does this neighborhood house dozens of ethnic restaurants and African, Italian, Mediterranean and Asian groceries, it also has one of the most exciting Farmer's Markets I've been to in a while, including an open-air spice market.  Heaven I tell you!  Heaven!  Hope to see you there!


  1. Glad you are enjoying some of our great area attractions. I have known about this but haven't had a chance to visit it yet but I want to very badly. Enjoy!