Sunday, November 22, 2009

Xyron Creatopia - Fabric Refillz and other adhesive goodness!!

Day 2 of the Xyron Creatopia video bonanza...a few videos demonstrating the different adhesives available in this fabulous new machine!


The Creatopia delivers the edge to edge adhesive you know and love from Xyron, but now does it in 12 INCHES!!

In addition, for the first time EVER, Xyron has created a machine that will take any product up to 1/2" thick!!  This allows you to apply adhesive on foam, wood, plastic, acrylic, memorabilia, almost anything your little heart desires!



For those of you who are fabric crafters - quilting, embroidery or other projects, the Creatopia will change the way you create!!

I freely admit, until Creatopia came along I was TERRIFIED of fabric crafts because:

I didn't feel I had the expertise or patience to try to keep fabric in place as I ran it through my sewing machine.

I didn't feel comfortable using fabric on my paper crafting projects because I had NO CLUE how to adhere it to my projects without using some sort of wet glue mess.

I couldn't get the hang of temporary stitches or pinning stuff in place.But NO MORE!!  Xyron has created this AMAZING fabric adhesive that will do away with your temporary stitches and your pins, the adhesive won't gum up your needle and is machine washable, and there is no wait time for glue to dry on your paper projects!  It is HEAVEN!!  Thank you Xyron for making me craftier!!

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