Sunday, November 22, 2009

Xyron Creatopia videos are here!!

Well...ok...they've been "here" for a while but I am such a technical loser that I had to wait for Don to come home and help me figure out how to get them up and running.  Yes - I am that cool.  To that end, I'll post a video or two per day and we'll end up with a whole library of videos for your viewing pleasure!

For those of you who are interested in buying a Creatopia but aren't 100% sure what it does, these videos are for you. For those of you lucky ducks who have already purchased a Creatopia but want a visual tutorial on how to change out the components or replace the cartridges or any other helpful hint - these are for you.  For my mom who doesn't care what these videos are about and just thinks it is neat that I am on them - these are for you! First up...the Xyron Creatopia Overview! Happy Viewing!


  1. Is the fabric adhesive permenant?
    For example, when applied to fabric and then placed on a onesie, can it then be washed?

  2. Hey Jessica!!  I have one shirt I used the fabric adhesive on and have washed it twice and the applique is still on (be sure to wash it inside out).  I dont know if it lasts forever but it has lasted twice so far!  :)