Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year...new blogs and websites to love!

One of my many New Year's resolutions was to keep up with my favorite blogs - which will hopefully motivate (or shame) me in to keeping up with my own!  So when I was working my way through my "faves" (see the list on the left) I was super sad but not totally surprised when I realized that many of them had either stopped posting altogether or changed their theme (from, for example, mostly crafting to mostly a personal/family blog).  So I have cleaned up my list, added some new loves, and added another set of "info" sites for your viewing pleasure as well!  So I am tickled to introduce: (drumroll please....)

Beth Quinn Designs - I've known Beth for years, she was one of the "old" (and I mean that in the greatest way possible) IRW consultants when I started working there many moons ago.  She left to start her own jewelry company - and she has become a total star!  Her creations are AMAZING and looking at them just makes me happy.

Design*Sponge - If you are awed by those "do-it-yourselfers" who can turn a $2 chair they found at a yard sale in to a work of art, RUN TO THIS WEBSITE for some love and inspiration!  This site is so good it even motivated my HUSBAND to help me create a fantastical furniture find for our mud room (I'll post pics when it is done).  YAY used furniture and junk!

Emma's Paperie - with monthly color challenges and sketches and a seemingly endless supply of projects (with instructions!!!) - this site is a little slice of heaven for paper crafters!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least...I introduce to you...

Cheesecupid.com - It is a well known fact that I heart wine and that I would marry cheese if it were at all possible.  So when I found this website my heart did little flips and angels started singing and my cholesterol shot up about 10 points.  WINE AND CHEESE!  Simply click on either wine or cheese on the home page, select the "type", and it will help you mix and match the perfect combinations for your palate's pleasure.  This is THE PERFECT SITE if you are a novice wine-and-cheeser and want to host a cocktail party or girls night out.  With the witty text and the clever voice overs this site tickles my fancy and my tummy!

I'll continue to add sites as they catch my eye...I look forward to sharing my finds with you throughout the year!

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