Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Xyron Creatopia Full Page Embossing is HERE!!!!!

I know so many of you have been waiting for this feature to become available on the Xyron Creatopia...FULL PAGE EMBOSSING IS HERE!!!!!

I saw it with my very own eyes last weekend at the Heirloom Stamp Expo in Grapevine, TX.  I went down there to demo Xyron for Scrap-Mart (who - I have to say - has AMAZING prices on their stuff - but I digress) and when I arrived - there it was in all its glory!  The first full page embossing roller for the Creatopia!

Can I just say that it is totally disturbing that I have the same freak-ball face in this photo that I do in my blog photo?  I need to stop making this face...I think I might be scaring children.  Anyhoo...

I demo-ed the embossing roller for two days and it worked like a DREAM!  It is SO SO SO easy to pop in to the Creatopia and works just the same as the Border Patternz. This first release has a heart design on it - with more designs to come!

So if you are going to be at CHA this week come on over to the Xyron booth, say howdee, and try out this great new addition to the Creatopia family!  And if your crafty travels take you to any expos this year, stop on over at the Scrap-Mart booth and say hi to Jonathan, Howard and Laura!  Be sure to give them a big kiss for me!


  1. I can't wait to get mine and try it out. Fingers crossed it will be here in time for Valentine's Day. :) Your tip about sliding the embossing rollers on the bar was just what I needed. They were a bit stiff to get sliding at first, but how awesome to put a single line of embossing just where I want it. Thanx!

  2. When can we order these? I'm lusting over the wee little hearts!

  3. They are shipping to retailers now...and should be on the Xyron website sometime in February!  :)  Yippea!