Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The people of CHA

I LOVE craft stuff.  I love seeing it, I love touching it, I love dreaming about its possibilities...and all of those loves come together at CHA more than anywhere else.  But MORE than the craft stuff - I love the PEOPLE I get to spend a few days with every summer and winter.  Some are old industry friends, some are new store owners, some I've shared a few adventures (and cocktails) with, some I've only previously known through email or the phone.  But they are my FAVORITE thing about CHA!  Yay people!

Who doesn't love some Canadians?  Especially when it is Vicki Boutin - whose style and creativity I LOVE, and my buddy Catherine Tachdijian - head cool chick at Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine!

I didn't get out of the Xyron booth much...but when I did the first place I went was the Bazzill booth for a hug from two of my favorite people - Frani and Joey!

Celebrating a successful show with some of my co-workers (and the greatest friends a girl could ask for) - Braden, Julie, Helen and Corey.  We TOTALLY lucked in to the kitchen table at Buca di Beppo where...if you MUST have their Ultimate Raspberry Lemon Drop.  HELLO!

Ok, ok...I had to sneak in a photo of one of my favorite booths.  This greeted us every morning when we walked in to the expo center - a booth filled with nothing but gianormous animals made entirely of yarn!  No demo table, no order center, no paper work, just a giant GOOD MORNING! and WELCOME! to everyone who passed by. 

And last, but not least, you might be saying to yourself "well surely Beth took a few photos of the Xyron booth - I mean, after all, she was in there for four days straight!".  It was SUPER cool though - and you don't have to take my word for it - Xyron was awarded 2nd place by CHA for best booth!  (I did get a photo of that - even though I didn't go to the 7am award ceremony.  I mean come on - have you met me?)  Congrats Xyron!

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  1. ah man, so sad I wasn't there...and the lemon drop - HELLO! the greatest drink ever!