Thursday, February 4, 2010

Xyron Creatopia Shapez is COMING!!!!

The Shapez component for the Xyron Creatopia is almost here!! We demoed it all last week at CHA to RAVE reviews, and word is out that it should be in stores by April! For those of you who (like me) have never gotten in to (or have given up on) manual die cutting because of ALL the different machines you have to buy to use all the different dies - REJOICE!  Our problems have been solved!  The Shapez component is compatible with an extensive list of dies that are already available on the market, and will fit snugly inside your Xyron Creatopia.

The Shapez Component will work with the following dies:

Spellbinders™ Shapeabilities™    

Spellbinders™ Frameabilities™     

Spellbinders™ Nestabilities™  

Spellbinders™ Borderabilities™

Spellbinders™ Megabilities™    

ProvoCraft® Cuttlekids™ 

ProvoCraft® Cuttlebug™  

QuicKutz® Cookie Cutter™    

QuicKutz Embossing Folders

QuicKutz® SingleKutz™

QuicKutz® Goosebumpz™

Sizzix® Embosslits™      

Sizzix® Originals™

Sizzix® Movers and Shapers™

Sizzix® Textured Impressions™

Sizzix® Simple Impressions™

Sizzix® Clearlits™

Sizzix® Bigz™

Sizzix® Sizzlits®

AccuQuilt® Go!™

Ellison® AllStar™ 


The Shapez component (the pink thing sitting in the Creatopia) literally and simply locks in to place just like all of the other Creatopia components.  The component works with a "sandwich" system like many other manual die cutters out there - two acrylic blocks with the die and paper in between.  A "menu" will come with every Shapez component that details which pieces of the sandwich (all of which are included with the component) need to be used with which dies.  In this case I was using an Ellison AllStar die.

Once you have created your "sandwich" you insert it in to the Shapez component...

crank the handle...

and voila!  You have a die cut in just a few easy steps!

Guess what other amazingly cool thing you can do with your Shapez component?  See the pink flowers in the corner of the first two photos?  THOSE ARE FABRIC!!!  We ran our fabric through the Creatopia Fabric Adhesive then die cut it with the Shapez component.  Home made fabric stickers and appliques!  I think I am in heaven! 

To see the Shapez component in action - check out this Shapez tutorial and keep your eyes peeled for it to hit store shelves!


  1. Beth, please tell me when, oh, when is the Shapez component coming? I bought this machine for two reasons: 1) Because I love having fun, new gadgets and this fits this need! and 2) to be able to use any manufacture die cuts and embossing folders! I have patiently waited (not actually patient but I’ve been waiting) and I am about to burst with anticipation for the Shapez arrival!

  2. I live in Northern Ireland,and I'm about to purchase the creatopia from create and craft on ideal world as I missed out on it the 1st time it was aired last year, so first of all Hope to see you here in Britain demonstrating with stephanie and all of the other wonderful presenters on Ideal worlds create and craft T.V and hopefully there will be more additions to this fabulous piece of equipment this time around, but what I,m really! really! hoping for is the Shapez component I have been reading about as I have lots of dies that I cant use, create and craft are not giving anything away on the web site so fingers crossed theyre keeping it for a surprise but if not I will wait patiently for it to be released as I'm sure it will be well worth the wait, so Beth if you are flying to England to demonstrate again, Have a safe Journey and if not maybe you will come to Ireland sometime to one of the craft shows held the kings hall in Belfast so in the meantime take care and God Bless xxxx

  3. Hi Rhonda!  Do you live near a JoAnns superstore?  They have the Shapez component in stock!  WOOHOO!!!  If not - we are going to be featuring it on HSN sometime in late June/early July - I cant wait for you to get it in your hot little hands!  :)

  4. Oh Fiona you are cracking me up!  :)  Im actually going to be doing USA Live sometime in May or June - I am so excited to see all of my UK friends again!  Im not sure that Shapez will be out for the UK Market by then - but I sure will keep my ears open and see what I can find out!
    And you dont have to ask me twice to come back over there - I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come do some craft shows and have been BEGGING Xyron to send me!  :)

  5. I just called our Joann's and they don't carry it (yes it's a superstore). I'm pouting like a baby right now so it's a good thing my kids are in school and can't see me. I watched HSN all weekend in hopes of seeing you because it was on your calendar. Oh, well, patience is a virtue; a virtue I don't have! LOL

  6. I've just got the Creatopia as a very early Christmas present :-) I love it so far and look forward to seeing more of the embossing kits being available to us here in the UK. I also really want to see the Shapez component over here soon :-)

  7. oh Lisa - fingers crossed for you that the Shapez component arrives soon!  It is AMAZING!

  8. can you buy the sandwich for another die machine and use it in the large machine for large dies?

  9. Hey Debbie!! You sure can use other plates from other machines!! Unfortunately they can't be any wider (the Creatopia only takes up to 6 1/2" across) but you can use the longer ones that Sizzix carries for the larger dies. Hope that helps - thanks for asking!