Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lights, camera, action...it's the Xyron Creatopia infomercial (part one)!

A few months ago on FB I hinted that I was out in LA doing some TV to-do but couldn't tell anyone what it was.  FINALLY I can spill the beans, because the Xyron Creatopia infomercial premiered this morning on national TV! (below is this week's schedule in case you want to check it out - I believe national channels are for Eastern and Pacific time, the rest are local time)

It was one of the coolest things I have done in a long time.  We filmed in a studio not too far from Disneyland, and I walked in expecting a small room, a few dudes fiddling around with cameras, and maybe some bottled water.  What I got was a HUGE studio that had been decked out in Creatopia colors and personalized with our logo, a 28-person crew, a full craft services area, a make-up artist, a hair stylist, and...wait for it...my own wardrobe stylist!  I actually jumped up and down and squealed while clapping my hands when I got there -I am so LA cool.

We were there for two days.  The first day I got to meet my co-host Loren Chase.  I knew she was a professional actress and I expected her to be sort of aloof and stand-offish...but the moment we met it felt like we had known each other forever. From the beginning of our script reading we were cracking jokes and bouncing ideas off of each other - she made me feel so at ease and I can never thank her enough for that.  

The script reading went pretty quickly - especially once the director said to me "we've seen some of your other work and decided to just let you ad-lib everything" (meaning - you won't memorize any of your lines anyway - so we didn't bother).  Then it was time for Loren and me to try on clothes - the part I had been looking forward to/dreading the most!

I should have known I would be in trouble when the wardrobe stylist (who was also SUPER cool and nice) called me the week before and said she was going shopping for me (awesome!) but wanted to give me a list of what she had in mind in case I had any of them in my wardrobe so we could "incorporate it" in to our selections.  I got my pen and paper ready and she rattled off a list of about ten things - and I had NONE OF THEM.  Not one. Grey slacks?  No.  Crisp white blouse?  Nadda.  Anything from Anthropologie?  Do the knobs on my garage sale dresser count?  No?  Then nope.  She knew she was in for a challenge.

So Loren and I walked in to the room - and we each had our OWN RACK of clothing that had been selected just for us.  I almost cried I was so excited!

We spent the next hour or so trying on different outfits and it was like a bunch of girlfriends out at the mall.  We had SUCH a blast! It is however a test of personal self-esteem to walk out of a dressing room to a group of size-0 to 4 Californians in your size 8 pants and have them turn up their noses or tell you to turn around so they can look at your butt. :) They got us both outfitted up in coordinating clothes - complete with accessories and jewelry and shoes - and we were ready to roll!

Tomorrow...the actual shoot...and the most humilitating (yet comical) conversation I have ever had.  I love LA!

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  1. I am so excited FOR YOU!! I can't wait to see one, I shall be setting my DVR today!!