Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye part two - So Long to my Studio!

I know only my fellow crafters will understand this - but today I have to say goodbye to my studio. We are in sort of a weird sitution (we are heading to Kansas with no place to live) and I don't quite know when I'll see all this stuff again.  While I was pondering this situation, my friend Denise Hahn posted a studio tour video on her blog:

and I thought "what a cool idea! I have absolutely nothing better to do than delay the movers so I too can make a video!" So I did. It is my first attempt - so there is no music, a little blurriness, and some weird scratching noises that I can't quite figure out (and I chose autocorrect on youtube and now there is some sort of crazy underwater vibe) - but I had a good time doing it and promise I will get better. Here's hoping that our next house has room for a studio, and that the movers waiting downstairs don't run screaming for the hills when they realize just how much stuff I have crammed in here.
Also - to my friend Jessica - here is the proof you asked for to show your husband that someone has more "scrap crap" than you. ;)

PS - Everyday Stories is the name of the album/page refills system I use from Xyron. Simple Stories is the name of the paper company that I love to use with it!


  1. Teehee..these were great videos!! I read the info before I watched the second one so I had to run and get my bathing suit on! You said 'underwater vibe'!! This is a great room, sorry you had to pack everything up! How brave of you!! But the next place will have a whole new vibe to put stuff back differently! I loved that you said 'dont judge' that you had been married 10 yrs and JUST NOW doing your album! Funny, I have been married for 13 {August 18th} and have NEVER done one! Just now getting into dong minis..usually a card maker!

    Thanks for sharing this Beth! It was awesome! Good luck with the move, makes lots of friend where you go and see you soon!!!

    hugs and love....pam [pamperkinszirbel from FB]

  2. Good luck Beth with this new journey, I am sure you will find a home which you can create a new magical space to craft in!..

  3. LOVED the tour but more importantly it APPEARS that you commandeered the MASTER BEDROOM for it, eh? Was just thinking that because of the bathroom in the room LOLLLLL

  4. Loved your room Beth! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get to have some fun setting up your next inspiration space! I know you have inspired me to finish my work space (teehee) since I'm such a procrastinator! Your space was living proof it can be done! Can't wait to see the new space!

  5. Having recently moved myself, I understand what a journey it is. Hoping you find the perfect house and craft room. Blessings!

  6. Love your craft area Beth. It helps to be organized and you look like you have done that! Good luck on your move and looking forward to seeing how you set your next craft room :)

  7. good luck I had movers & everything is totally mixed up, then I developed a diabetic ulcer & have had to sit for 3 months & cant unpack a thing hope your move goes smoother

  8. hey there Beth, loved the tour of your room. I wish mine was big enough to have friends over and classes. Thanks for posting my tour on your blog and good luck with your move!

  9. SOOO Incredibly jealous of your craft room!! Mine is a tiny office that is my craft/business room (I'm a elf employed hair stylist). But I live in KANSAS!! haha I would love to come see your new craft room! ;) Just discovered your site today and I am totally loving it!

    1. What a small world! :) Where in Kansas are you? I'd love to get together with some Kansas girls to scrap!